Smart Color Changing Led Lighting Strips

Smart Color Changing Led Lighting Strips

Smart Color Changing Led Lighting Strips

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NOTE: Due to inconsistencies in these “Dream Color” lights from the different vendors on Amazon, I have switched to recommending the following similar product from Supernight(which contains everything you need to get started… light strip, controller, and power supply):


If you choose to order à la carte from the following products be sure to test thoroughly before installing or cutting your lights.

Here are some of the issues we have found to watch out for with the following:

  • Color variances within strips from having sections from different batches soldered together within the strip you receive.
  • Color variances between strips you intend on using in one location.
  • Controller issues(won’t stay paused, shuts off or turns on by itself, doesn’t stay on set program).
  • Test controller will control two strips simultaneously(some have two plugs but malfunction with two strips plugged in).
  • Make sure you product matches the picture of what you ordered (including the controller).
  • Power supply specifications. I use only 12v 6Amp 72Watt UL Certified power supplies with overheat protection like the ones below(which I use 1 for each 2 sets of strips).


This setup includes 2 strips, one controller, and a remote controller:


You will also need a power supply for every two strips(you’ll need at least 1 to start):


You can add two more strips to this system… you can purchase them individually here too:


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